Benefits and challenges for the Red Mage

  If you choose the path of a Red Mage, or the path of a Red Mage chooses you, be aware of the difficulties that will accompany the perks. Naturally, as one that is either regularly drawn to new areas outside their realm of expertise, or as one that intentionally makes the effort to seek them out, you will have to dedicate more time to these pursuits, which will require a sacrifice. The sacrifice is yours to decide, and may be easy to make depending on your personal situation. For instance, giving up on having a romantic relationship might be easier for some to do than others, because not everyone is wired to pursue the same things in life. These decisions are not unique to Red Mages though, as anyone who wishes to participate in a competitive field or pursuit, or an endeavor that has no apparent limit, will have to make sacrifices to achieve their goals. This goes for niche and obscure specialties just the same as more open and wide competition.

A redeeming quality that may also help negate some of the impact made to your social life, is that you will find yourself able to engage and participate in more conversations. Have you ever been in a group setting, or at a large gathering of some sort, and meandered about looking for some cluster of people to join? Have you ever had to pass up on inclusivity because you hadn’t the slightest clue about what the group was talking about? Even having just some cursory exposure to a topic or field can be very enabling knowledge. It lets you take advantage of opportunities to gain more knowledge and experience as well as be part of social interactions. All of us, whether we realize it or not, are eventually given these opportunities to enrich ourselves, but aren’t always in the position to be able to take advantage of them.

Another perk to being a Red Mage is that you will be more empathetic, and you will also become a natural integrator. This also goes a long way to balance out any deficit in your social life, especially if there is a deficit because of sacrifices made to pursue various realms of knowledge. Having a wide range of experiences is an extremely powerful tool when trying to relate to others, explain, or teach things. 

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