What being a Red Mage means to me

I like the term “red mage”, because to me it’s akin to saying “renaissance person”. Obviously, I don’t cast magic spells (…or do I?). I also don’t do much sword fighting or demon slaying. However, like the red mage, I like to expose myself to different schools of thought, acquire diverse skill sets, and seek out the knowledge and abilities that will help me gain the most leverage in my efforts to achieve the things that I want to. Also, in general, I just happen to enjoy doing things that span many different interest types. I enjoy manual labor just as much as I enjoy strategic gameplay, writing, singing, or playing music. I enjoy musical composition, learning new languages, and spending time outdoors, as well as tinkering with electronics and hydroponics. I could go on to list more things and make ridiculous rhymes, but I don’t want to.

Not only is the general character type of a “Red Mage” something that resonates with my identity, but I am also very fond of the Final Fantasy series, which was responsible for making this character type much more widely known and expanding it beyond the D&D fanbase. Final Fantasy had a large influence on me throughout my youth and young adulthood, so it also serves as a nod to one of my fondest fantasy series.

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