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  • Keeping busy despite being sick
    It’s late again, as usual, but I need to squeeze out a short post because it’s been over a month since I’ve done anything on the site. I got sick again too, not surprisingly, since I’ve allowed too many factors to mount up. My job as a teacher is directly responsible for two of those… Read more: Keeping busy despite being sick
  • Rooting cuttings and Typhoon closures
    I’ve been working on some new projects recently, as well as continuing ongoing projects, and reacting to certain situations, like my recent mouse problem. It’s a bit late right now, but Taipei and New Taipei announced closures due to the approaching typhoon, so I’m taking this as an opportunity to get back in the habit… Read more: Rooting cuttings and Typhoon closures
  • Sunday projects
    Worked on a few things today, notably the burlap planter that I started on the other week. It’s complete for the most part now, although I might work on it a little more, adding some additional support in certain places with either jute string or segments of bamboo. The balcony is a mess, but at… Read more: Sunday projects
  • A DIY candle project
    Candles are a fairly ubiquitous commodity, so it’s worthwhile to talk about how we can cut down on some of the waste that’s generated from their usage. In this project, I reused some jars that previously contained candles, tealight tins, and the metal wick bases from those candles. Many other types of containers can be… Read more: A DIY candle project
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