Sunday projects

Worked on a few things today, notably the burlap planter that I started on the other week. It’s complete for the most part now, although I might work on it a little more, adding some additional support in certain places with either jute string or segments of bamboo. The balcony is a mess, but at least the critical work is done, the dragon fruit cacti and some other plants have been transplanted or repotted, and everything got watered. I’ll follow up with more details on this project in another post or video. This is just a quick update and sneak peak I’m trying to squeeze out before 1:00am.

Also started on some more recycling projects. The Styrofoam sleeves will be cut to resemble fries and used in some of my English classes. The brown paper bag was just a quick example to see what the would look like cut individually. Eventually I got around to printing out the templates for the boxes on red paper. I will play around with the foam a little to see which way of cutting it will give the most realistic presentation.

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