Welcome everyone! Thanks for stopping by or accidentally navigating to my page and staying long enough to read this. My name is Steve, AKA Red Mage Steve. If you’d like to know what I mean by Red Mage, you can read about that and more on my bio page, which actually has something written their now! I’ve expanded the gallery section a bit, which includes a section of images formatted and edited to be used as desktop wallpaper. For other updates and news, check out the blog below, or check out a specific blog category.

Most recent posts

  • Keeping busy despite being sick
    It’s late again, as usual, but I need to squeeze out a short post because it’s been over a month since I’ve done anything on the site. I got sick again too, not surprisingly, since I’ve allowed too many factors to mount up. My job as a teacher is directly responsible for two… Read more: Keeping busy despite being sick
  • A few announcements and updates
    I excel at inundating myself with various projects of different scopes and calibers, and the latest is a development in a community project which I’ve been slowly concocting over the past few years. Today I purchased the domain EmpowerTaiwan.org to serve as a community hub focused on bringing people together to collaborate, share… Read more: A few announcements and updates
  • Japan was amazing – Back in Taiwan
    本当にありがとうございます日本 My girlfriend and I just returned from an 8 day stay in Tokyo, Japan. It was my first time ever visiting the country, although it had always been a goal of mine for several decades now to one day make it there. I was not disappointed. Even though I only experienced a… Read more: Japan was amazing – Back in Taiwan
  • Rooting cuttings and Typhoon closures
    I’ve been working on some new projects recently, as well as continuing ongoing projects, and reacting to certain situations, like my recent mouse problem. It’s a bit late right now, but Taipei and New Taipei announced closures due to the approaching typhoon, so I’m taking this as an opportunity to get back in… Read more: Rooting cuttings and Typhoon closures
  • Dragon Boat Festival Extended Weekend
    It’s a 4 day weekend this week in Taiwan as schools are closed Thursday and Friday in observance of Dragon Boat Festival. The week prior was a little more hectic than normal as we had to make up a lost school day that Saturday. Coincidentally, I just happen to have a lot of… Read more: Dragon Boat Festival Extended Weekend
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