Rooting cuttings and Typhoon closures

I’ve been working on some new projects recently, as well as continuing ongoing projects, and reacting to certain situations, like my recent mouse problem. It’s a bit late right now, but Taipei and New Taipei announced closures due to the approaching typhoon, so I’m taking this as an opportunity to get back in the habit of blogging. For tonight, I’ll keep the writing short and just leave the links to my three most recent videos below, with a little summary in the caption.

I started these cuttings on July 24th. I noticed the first root, pictured here, on August 1st.

Just one day later, and two more roots had popped out! I’m holding some black plastic behind them to make it easier to see, as they blend in with the color of the lid.

I show a little bit of the mess the rats have been making, and also talk about maintaining the dragon fruit cacti.
quick snippets of various projects: fish tank refugium maintenance, pvc lighting fixture/hood for fish tank, rubberizing dumbbells, setting up rooting bubbler, indoor window shutters, new tap on the rear balcony, screening balcony with fine mesh

I discover the first root to pop out of the cuttings, show the progress of screening in the balcony, and show a large bin full of the extra growth from the cacti that will be repotted to grow and put up for sale

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