A few announcements and updates

I excel at inundating myself with various projects of different scopes and calibers, and the latest is a development in a community project which I’ve been slowly concocting over the past few years. Today I purchased the domain EmpowerTaiwan.org to serve as a community hub focused on bringing people together to collaborate, share innovative ideas, and collectively drive positive change in various sectors to enhance the well-being of our communities, strengthen industries, and boost the economy of Taiwan.

Adding to the list of activities and appointments on my plate: I’m getting married! We aren’t having any celebration or ceremony yet though. For now we just want to officiate it, which has a few extra steps since I’m getting married in Taiwan as a foreigner.

I met some new friends recently, which also led to one of them informing me about a teacher’s association and upcoming conference that I am very interested in. Not only will I most likely be attending, but I hope to be able to present a workshop at the event. Their flyer is linked below. I’ll be posting about this more in the near future as things develop. Thank you James for all the leads!

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