Dragon Boat Festival Extended Weekend

It’s a 4 day weekend this week in Taiwan as schools are closed Thursday and Friday in observance of Dragon Boat Festival. The week prior was a little more hectic than normal as we had to make up a lost school day that Saturday. Coincidentally, I just happen to have a lot of events occurring in a relatively close timeline as well, such as my upcoming work-visa renewal (last week I went to get a medical exam for the renewal process), various things to work on for a graduation performance that my class will be doing (making edits to songs and sound effects, props, costume stuff), end of semester reports, and other things I’m surely forgetting about.

I’ve been catching up on a lot of things this week though. Today I finished upgrading my bedframe, shredded a bunch of card board to mix in with the compost bins as well as have some ready for next time, sorted a bunch of back logged photo and video dumps, repotted my blueberry bush, roses, rosemary, and ferns, took out the recycling and garbage, did some major clean-up around the apartment, fired up the 3D printer for the first time in a while, mopped and dumped the buckets in the stairwell as we had torrential rain today and excess water seeps in to the stairwell from certain areas on the top floor, and of course, blogged for the first time in a while as well.

Part of the upgrade included replacing the patchwork platform I had under the mattress with a sturdy sheet of plywood, (18mm thick).

The sheet I carried back (on Wednesday) was almost full, as I only needed to trim one edge down to fit it to the frame (from 244cm x 122cm down to 190cm x 122cm). The closest hardware store that carries larger sized lumber is this location here on the map, almost a kilometer away. It was good exercise.

Sometimes the center legs would twist and slide out at an angle a bit. Though this wasn’t too frequent, I still wanted to sturdy things up a bit, so I mounted some 3/4″ pipe between each section to lock it in place. It’s really well anchored now.

Printing out some interlocking blocks that someone uploaded to Thingiverse. I already had some things in mind that I wanted to incorporate into my own design from scratch, but I wanted to get something in hand quickly just so I can have something to play with in the mean time (see how well they fit with brand name Legos).

Also uploaded some videos that I meant to the other week. It’s mostly about the dragon fruit cacti’s growth progress.

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