Japan was amazing – Back in Taiwan


My girlfriend and I just returned from an 8 day stay in Tokyo, Japan. It was my first time ever visiting the country, although it had always been a goal of mine for several decades now to one day make it there. I was not disappointed. Even though I only experienced a mere fraction of the country, it was an amazing experience, and I cannot wait to return again.

As I have only recently returned though, I’m a little pressed for time and need to catch up and manage numerous other projects, work, and communicate with many people. I’d like to share my trip with everyone, so I’ll be posting videos and albums bit by bit. I have about 126 gigabytes of photos and videos to organize, label and detail with location information, edit, and upload.

I’d like to thank everyone that I met during my stay there. Those who I may have only had a fleeting encounter with, those who I had a chance to meet and talk to, new friends and those that I’ve shared a drink and evening with. けいじ, ぶっちゃん,しょうちゃん,あかね,伸吾, Nathaniel (even though you’re from Pennsylvania). And thank you Justin. I’m so glad to have been lucky enough to catch you in Tokyo. I hope to return before long and visit you and Rika in Hiroshima. Best of luck to the both of you.

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