The First Squandered Day of the Lunar New Year

The evening is just about at an end, and so is the week. I’m feeling a little bummed out to have lost a good chunk of time today, because I really thought I was going to get to catch up on one or two things at least. The beginning of the week was a bit hectic since we were all returning from work after a week long national holiday (Lunar New Year). After making a lot of progress during that time, I was really hyped up to try and keep a realistic steady pace going. Today was the first day that I had the rest of the day to myself again, but something that I ate wasn’t agreeing with me. In reality, it was probably everything that I had eaten recently. I’ve not been doing the kindest services to my stomach, and need to start eating a little bit healthier. I took some digestive aid and lied down, which turned into a three hour nap. (**Grossness warning**) Not long after waking up, I rid my self of some intestinal demons with such a horrific stench that it peeled the paint off of the walls, and the walls in my bathroom are not even painted. I’m talking “pile of burning tires” level horror. Anyways, now, here I am, informing you of these all important details. I kind of needed that rest anyway, since the past couple nights I had been up late working on obligatory school related stuff, and I still managed to get a couple small things done today. The moral of the story? I guess it’s that things are still pretty ok and the things that stunk (literally) could probably have been avoided and very probably were my fault anyway.

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